When we hear the word convenience, a few things typically come to mind.

Convenience store, for example. Or convenience food. And all too often, the connotation is a slightly negative one. In an urban world that all too often feels frenetic and out of control, we tend to equate the concept of convenience with a lack of care, or a lack of quality.

At Down To Earth, however, the exact opposite is true.

Convenience, as a concept and a guiding principle, just happens to be one of our key values.

Convenience, to us, means giving you options that will genuinely save you time, save you unnecessary effort, and save you guesswork, while ensuring that the products you purchase from us are superb quality, all-natural, and genuinely versatile. But our definition of convenience goes far beyond that: we’re also committed to a long-term relationship of trust and transparency with every single person who sees the value in our brand and becomes part of our extended family. That’s because we also realize that we’re in this thing together – ‘this thing’ being the intention of enhancing the quality of life, of focusing on nurturing a kinder, gentler society, and making thoughtful decisions about the world we’d like to leave to the next generation.

Convenience, done with those goals in mind, is convenience done right.

To us, sustainability is paramount: there’s absolutely no point in pursuing a lifestyle of convenience at the expense of the environment, or the health of humanity, and our relationship with the animals who share this planet with us.


Many companies out there are driven by a philosophy of profit first. Anything and everything is placed on the altar of commercial success and the desire to do the bidding of shareholders.

Now, don’t get us wrong: making a profit is not a bad thing, and we’d like to add value to the world and make a living as much as anyone else. We also have a deep desire to please our shareholders – who, in a very real sense, are our loyal customers! And the best way to create happier customers is to ensure that our products remain superb, that they’re easily accessible and fairly priced, and that they represent the lifestyle choices we endorse and encourage. But more than anything else, the greatest benefit of our all-natural, plant-based products is that they’re so amazingly versatile.

Typically, many mainstream skincare products include chemicals that are designed to address the symptoms of skin irritation, muscular aches, and skin conditions – but they’re highly specific, as well as being loaded with artificial additives that are often highly questionable when it comes to long-term health. Also, to the wise, ‘treating the symptoms’ is not the same as enhancing health or providing the skin and body with nutrients that aid natural repair, while ensuring that no harm is done in the process.

The indigenous medicinal plants we use – like the African Potato, Aloe Ferox, Buchu, Bulbinella, Honeybush, and more – are renowned for their ability to heal, restore, and nurture, across a wide range of skin types and ailments. The precious plant extracts that are blended into our products work as powerful disinfectants, moisturisers, and skin cell replenishment sources, without any side effects. From boosting the immune system’s response, to helping with natural collagen production, the most effective natural skin treatments are a far better choice – and they’re just a click away.

And in terms of convenience, our products are multipurpose – so, for example, our Down To Earth African Potato Cream can be used to treat sunburn, eczema, muscle and joint pain, and even certain autoimmune disorders. That means you don’t have to keep three or four different creams or medications at hand, which not only saves you time and money, but gives you peace of mind in knowing that you’re not at risk of combining products that may trigger adverse reactions because of the impact of artificial ingredients.


All too often, we lead cluttered lives – and it’s not necessarily all our fault. The marketing gurus out there would have you believe that if you have more stuff, you’re worth more. That if your day is filled with lists and tasks and mental overwhelm, that you’re getting more done and therefore being more productive.

Sometimes, though, simpler is better – infinitely better. At Down To Earth, we believe in the power of simplicity and clarity, and devoting time to those things that bring lasting growth and that are sustainable. Meaningful relationships, working for the greater good, and cultivating a lifestyle that brings the right balance between work and rest, is what’s important.

And so, we’d like to encourage you today: breathe deeply, be at peace (even in the turmoil of everyday life!) and take some time out for yourself.

To find out more about how our all-natural, multipurpose range can revolutionize your skincare routine, take a look at our products – and discover just how effective and convenient they really are.