So, you’ve made small but meaningful changes to reduce your carbon footprint and to green your lifestyle. You feel you’re making a difference and you know it’s not difficult or expensive. If others followed your example, the impact would be so much bigger. But how do you inspire them to make changes? Our advice is to influence others through your actions and attitude. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Schedule an outing to the farmer’s market
Why meet your friends at a coffee shop when you can meet up at the nearest farmer’s market and enjoy a cup of organic coffee or a smoothie made of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables? Afterwards you can explore the market, buy your veggies for the week and make a day of it. You’ll demonstrate the value of buying local.

Introduce others to your favourite products
If your friend comments on how good your skin looks, how well your scar has healed or how nice your house smells, show them your organic skincare product, your natural healing cream or your non-toxic room spray. Explain briefly why you love the product and what makes it different to conventional products. Say things like, “it’s paraben-free”, for example.

Display your recycle bins
Proudly displayed recycle bins can be a conversation starter. It sparks genuine interest in what you recycle and how you recycle it. You will have the opportunity to explain how you implemented the change in your life. You can also introduce friends to recycling centres that they may not know exists. Once they know there is a glass recycling bin on a street they travel to work on, they are more likely to start using it.

Conserve energy stylishly
Use non-toxic candles when you host a dinner. It’s an easy and effective way to add ambiance and make your party memorable. Light up your garden with solar powered lights to show off that vegetable garden. Your efforts won’t go unnoticed and you set an example to be followed.

Drive in one car
When it’s not necessary to take two cars, offer to give family and friends a ride whenever you can and make it a pleasant experience. They will want to do it again and may extend the favour to others.

Talk about it
When the topic comes up, be open about your choices, but never push the matter. Answer questions enthusiastically and share your stories so that others can identify. That way, they can “see” themselves doing it too.

Share your resources and contacts
If you are asked questions, encourage others to go read up more. Offer to send them the information or website links to articles, videos, online shops, etc. Tell your friends where your favourite health shops are and where you get your sustainable products. Make it easy for them.