With the holiday season upon us, no doubt we’ll all be spending a bit more time in the sun. Sun is associated with fun and is so good for the body and mind!

Some sun exposure is an easy way to get a good dose of Vitamin D. It is such an important vitamin that it is produced naturally in the body. It is vital for bone growth, calcium absorption, regulating immune system function and more. It even helps boost serotonin levels – the happy hormone responsible for balancing your mood and preventing depression.

The effects of the sun

For those of us who spend many long hours in the office and especially after the winter months, the first time we laze around in the summer sun can lead to some pain and anguish. We’ve all been through it. Why do we so often underestimate the potency of the sun?

Prolonged sun exposure exposes you to potential dangerous levels of UV radiation which can really damage your skin causing redness, inflammation, blistering and peeling. This leads to premature ageing and increases your risk of cancer. No-one wants that!

If you are going to spend a lot of time in the sun, we recommend you use sunscreen. Get your hands on a natural sunscreen, without the harmful chemicals that conventional sunscreens contain. However, if you do get sunburnt, turn to Mother Nature for natural relief and healing.

Soothe me, please!

We have just the thing for you. Two of Down to Earth’s products are remarkable therapeutic after-sun lotions. I know and talk from experience.

Instant pain relief!

The African Potato Cream with African Potato extract is a potent natural and organic anti-inflammatory that works fantastically to alleviate the pain caused by inflamed skin and to reduce redness and swelling. Avocado oil reduces the chance of age spots. Coconut oil nourishes and moisturises deeply. Vitamin E prevents skin ageing.

Instant cooling!

The Clear Skin Gel has very high Aloe Vera gel content, which soothes and hydrates stressed skin and replenishes lost micro-nutrients. Calendula calms irritated skin and Echinacea stimulates the healing process.

How I benefitted

I recently went kayaking on the Indian Ocean. It was an amazing experience, but I didn’t take care and the top of my legs, ankles and feet turned lobster red shortly after we finished. When I got home I immediately applied African Potato Cream and experienced instant pain relief. Later that evening I applied the Clear Skin Gel and the hydration instantly took away the tight feeling of burnt skin – it soothed and calmed my skin. I continued to use the African Potato Cream day and night for a couple of days and soon my skin looked completely normal – I had a bit of colour in comparison to the pasty white I was before and best of all, I didn’t peel!

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