Minna Kolari (Dream Cream Ltd – www.africanpotato.co.uk)

I have had eczema since I was 3 years old so for 40 years now. The state of my eczema can vary from good to bad to very bad; triggers being weather, stress, lack of sleep & reaction to items eaten. Another issue I have is Cold Sore which can in its worst take over half of my face in a few hours. I must have spent hundreds of pounds over the years on different products hoping they help me. And how much Cortisone has been given to my body over the years! In March 2012 I went for a holiday to South Africa. My hands were so sore I could hardly move my fingers. I was given a jar of African Potato Cream but as I was very sceptical, I left it for 2 days before opening it. When I finally used the product, I could not believe the change in my hands in just a few days! When back in the UK, I could feel Cold Sore coming through but using the Clear Skin Gel product, spreading stopped immediately. I haven’t had a Cold Sore problem since then. Through my own experience, I have become so passionate about African Potato Products that I have decided to bring them to UK. If these products help me, I believe they will definitely help others too.