Mikayla Sarah James

Hello Down To Earth!
I would just like to thank you for your amazing Refresh skincare range! I have been using your Refresh cleanser and moisturiser twice a day, for just over a month now and the difference it has made to my skin has honestly been phenomenal!! I have never really suffered with a lot of acne, but since I started using skincare routines with products from other ‘big companies’ from the age of 17, my skin hasn’t been the best. My skin broke out a lot and experienced a lot of irritation. I have always been skeptical about using organic products, but it got to a point where I figured , “what have I got to loose?” I started using your Refresh range just over a month ago, at the age of 20 and results were shown within a week!
This range has been a lifesaver for my skin I barely get blemishes, acne scars have started to fade and my skin looks and feels more healthier than it has been in years! I would recommend so many people to to start using your products. A lot of well know products from big corporations contain a lot of harsh ingredients that can strip our skin from natural moisture and damage our skin! Your skincare however, is organic, affordable, local and great for your skin!