Jo Scott

A few years ago I had my nails covered with gel and acrylic artificial nails. After a while I developed a fungus on the nails. They kept splitting and peeling and got very thin. I had medication, pills, cream and paint on liquid… and after a year I still had a severe problem. I had a jar of the Clear Skin Gel which I received when I bought the African Potato Cream and started using it on my nails, scraping it under the nails and rubbing it into the cracks every evening. It took 3 months to clear up the fungus, but it did the job. My nails are back in their normal state, thank goodness. I would like others who have a similar problem to benefit. Clear Skin Gel is the answer. It does dry the nails out so you need to use the African Potato Cream in the morning to replace the moisture loss.