I’ve been struggling with a itchy, painful rash for the past few years. My early to mid 20’s I’ve had to deal with this, I’ve used steroid creams, allergy medication etc. Basically everything the doctors could prescribe for painful rashes, I found a small tube of clear skin gel in my dads closet once and he said I should take it. Never ever used it or thought about it until maybe a year later (due to sensitive skin I’m really scared to try new products) , when I travelled. Usually that’s when I get the rash, when traveling & in hot conditions. I decided to try this gel that’s been in my bag and to my surprise the rash was significantly smaller the next day and completely gone the day after that . I was stunned/amazed to say the least. Now I’m back in Namibia and searching like a crazy person for this gel, haven’t had any luck finding it. I guess I’ll have to order it because really, NOTHING has cured the rash in this way.