Cathy Brown

I am 53 years of age and I am very healthy, other than back and neck problems from the degeneration of the lowest two vertebrae in my spine. The cartilage between the discs has worn away and the bones are fusing. I also get arthritis in my neck as a result. For the past two years specialists have treated me with anti-inflammatories and physiotherapy. My husband discovered African Potato Cream while on holiday. It eased his hip and lower back pain after only a few applications. As I was due to go in for more cortisone injections and physio, I decided to try the African Potato Cream as a last resort. After two days the pain subsided greatly and has continued to lessen ever since. I now have no pain whatsoever. I never took much notice of natural products before, but after experiencing the effects of this cream, I have no hesitation in saying that it has been like a miracle cure for me. It is so nice to be pain free without medication, not to mention the costs of the doctors and treatments.