Alex Braden

Athletes Foot (a fungal infection that starts between the toes and can spread further) is never considered as polite dinner time conversation. Indeed, it is not really a romantic topic either! However, like many hidden ailments, it can cause extreme discomfort, it is very infectious and exceptionally difficult to cure. So, as a middle-aged man who has suffered from this to various degrees for most of his adult life, finding Down-to-Earth Clear Skin Gel has been a revelation!
Over the years, I have bought and used faithfully, perhaps 20 or more proprietary brand athletes’ foot remedies – British, American, French and Italian! (I am a multi-lingual athletes’ foot sufferer!). Some work well for a few weeks, some appear to have no effect and some increase the irritation! None provide long-term relief or a real ‘cure’.
And then there is Clear Skin Gel by Down to Earth…..
My wife discovered this while we were passing through Durban in early February and gave it to me to try…. I knew the ingredients but had never seen them in this combination. Within a few days it was clearly effective. Within a few weeks all sign of this chronic infection had disappeared and the skin between my toes was smooth and pink for the first time in decades…. now, three months later, there is still no sign at all of this fungal infection. Bravo to Down to Earth!