The summer holiday season is around the corner in the southern hemisphere and certainly most of us are looking forward to spending more time outside. Since our summer coincides with the festive season, it is important not to let the excitement of the season prevent us from caring for our skin properly to avoid sun damage. While prevention is key and sun safety is very important, the sun is not only responsible for sunburn; it can cause a variety of damage to the skin not usually considered.

Broken capillaries

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can lead to broken blood vessels, especially on the face. Further sunlight can aggravate this problem, so be diligent with applying your natural sunscreen before going out in the sun and regularly while spending limited time in the sun and water. Wear a hat and sunglasses to protect the sensitive skin on the face.

Reduce the appearance of broken capillaries with Revive Moisturiser for the face and African Potato Cream for the body. Both products contain a high content of Aloe Vera to soothe the skin and help fight redness, and African Potato which has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and prevents blood vessels from rising to the surface of the skin.

Heat rash

Hot, humid weather can cause heat rashes to develop in children and adults that tend to be itchy and irritating, and sometimes unsightly. It can be caused by blocked pores when sweat can’t escape or by friction to the surface of the skin.

Avoid heat rashes by making sure your skin is exfoliated to minimise blocked pores and make sure your swimsuit does not continuously rub parts of your skin. If you do develop a heat rash, use aloe gel to cool and soothe the skin. The Clear Skin Gel contains 83% organic Aloe Vera and is the perfect remedy, so make sure to include it in your travel bag.


Sweaty skin that rubs together can cause chaffing, where the skin becomes sensitive, red and swollen. It is often the result of outdoor exercising, so if you are planning a game of volleyball on the beach, pat your skin dry as often as needed and if chaffing occurs, reach for your aloe gel to calm the skin. Again the Clear Skin Gel is the perfect remedy.


Pimples and acne can be triggered by excessive sweating which is a breeding ground for bacteria. Combine that with outdoor activities where you are in contact with dirt and these conditions make it even more likely.

Prevent pimples by keeping the skin clean and avoiding excessive sweating where possible. Use a natural sunscreen that is free of nasty chemicals and does not clog pores. Treat pimples and acne with the Clear Skin Gel which stops acne-causing bacteria in its tracks through its antimicrobial Tea Tree oil content.


Too much sun time can lead to swollen, red skin that burns and itches and finally peels off to leave you with sun damaged skin. Ongoing sunburn causes permanent dark marks and freckles. However, the most serious effect of sunburn is skin cancer, simply avoided by preventing the skin from suffering excessive sun damage. Wear a hat and protective clothing while in the sun – don’t forget that your scalp can get burnt too.

Skin cancer is easier to treat when caught early, so get to know your skin and watch for changes. If you do get sun burnt, use the African Potato Cream to accelerate healing of the skin, reduce swelling and inflammation, and to nourish the skin through vitamin and mineral rich plant ingredients that replenishes dry and tired skin.

Protect your skin by eating foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. Not only will it strengthen your skin to help fight against environmental factors, it will help heal the skin from sunburn and prevent ageing. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

 Quick tips for responsible sun safety

• Limit your sun time between 10:00am and 4:00pm
• Use a natural sunscreen without harmful or pore clogging ingredients
• Apply sunscreen ahead of sun time and regularly during sun time, especially after swimming
• Wear a hat and protective clothing as often as you can
• Wear sunglasses to shield your eyes and sensitive skin around the eyes
• Keep your skin clean, exfoliated and dry
• Promote skin barrier strength through nutritious food and lots of water