Speak to pretty much anyone at this time of year, and it quickly becomes obvious that exhaustion is setting in once again.

It manifests itself in the harassed faces that make up the supermarket queues, the impatient drivers, the thousand-yard stares of moms with squalling kids in tow. It’s a feature of conversation among family and friends, where the ubiquitous “how are you doing?” is met all too frequently with “I can’t wait for things to quieten down a bit”.

But we push through, because society is very good at telling us that whenever we slow down, somebody else is somehow gaining an advantage over us. It’s really easy, in modern society, to conflate our sense of worth with just how much we can push ourselves before we break – and that’s not a healthy state of affairs.


Here at Down To Earth, though, we subscribe to a gentler philosophy.

Abraham Lincoln famously once said that if he was given six hours to chop down a tree, he would spend the first four hours sharpening the axe. (This is just a metaphor, folks, so please don’t chop down any trees – we desperately need to conserve our forests.)

The message, though, is clear: even the most efficient human being needs time for rest, repair, and recalibration.

And, as an individual, it’s wise to remember that if you don’t make time for your wellness, you’ll be forced to make time for your illness. By deliberately taking time out, it’s much easier to re-centre ourselves, dodge burnout and stress, and keep our perspective. Remember, your health is your most precious asset. Of course, we all know this, but it’s sometimes all too easy to burn the candle at both ends – especially when it earns us money and admiration of other people. Or – and this is a big one – we persevere out of a sense of duty, often to our own detriment.


Feel like running away from it all sometimes? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. But allowing yourself to rest, and creating space to refresh, might be easier than you think.

Here are three effortless and truly enjoyable ways to rejuvenate your body and mind:

Make Time For Nature

Researchers have repeatedly confirmed something that humankind has known for millennia: getting out into a forest, garden, or park carries an enormous benefit for you in terms of stress reduction. Proximity to trees, feeling grass and sand under your feet (or fingers), and being surrounded by natural beauty, reduces blood pressure, strengthens immunity, and induces a state of profound calmness and happiness. Get out there – even if it’s just for a quick walk in the garden.

Make Time For Silence

We live in a world where we’re constantly bombarded by noise – external noise as well as the ‘noise’ of our own often frantic thoughts and emotions. It’s easy to spiral, because stress causes us to become even more frazzled, prone to distraction, and information overload that often leads to depression, fatigue, and illness.

Give yourself some sacred space. Take a few minutes (or more!) every day to purposefully seek silence and to calm your thoughts. Breathe deeply and shut out the world for a bit. Whether you choose to meditate, pray, or simply spend some time in gratitude or reflection, this is the one thing that makes an enormous difference to your wellbeing.

Make Time For Self-Care

In the frenzied rush that so often takes over our lives, we tend to steal time from ourselves. Workouts get postponed or abandoned. Pampering sessions become a distant memory. We let little things slide, and it affects our sense of self-worth.

So – put up some boundaries and make a little more time to spoil yourself. Even something as simple as your daily skincare routine can become a positive, affirming ritual. Using an all-natural approach is a good way to honour yourself and the environment, too. You might want to try using a product like our Aloe Vera-based Refresh Cleanser for facial pampering with green tea and refreshing lemongrass, followed by Refresh Moisturiser to leave your skin glowing, rejuvenated, and tingling – a fresh start to a beautiful day, every day.

Try these approaches, prioritize yourself, and you’ll be amazed at the positive changes you’ll encounter.

Do you take time out for yourself? We’d love to hear about your routines, ideas and goals!