Mother Nature is in a constant state of growth and renewal – and so are we!

We’re super excited about the latest evolution of our Down To Earth brand, our product range, and even our website, as we work toward providing you with an even better version of Down To Earth skincare. The changes we’re making aren’t just cosmetic (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves!), but are intended to offer more options to our customers and to emphasize our commitment to ethical excellence in everything we do.


For example, one of the new pages on our website, Solutions for You, is designed to help you identify the best product options for any condition you may be experiencing, whether it’s an excessively dry or oily skin condition, a minor cut, muscle ache, or if you’re simply looking for baby-friendly products that are organic and naturally safe, among others. You’re able to see exactly what you’re getting in each product, and to purchase anything from us with complete peace of mind.

You’ll also be able to enjoy Our Story in greater depth, and discover just how we came into being and the amazing road we’ve travelled as we continue to grow. Our Guiding Values is also a great resource that tells you more about why we make the conscious choices we do, and how our business is centred around four key values: your health and wellness, preserving our planet, integrity and honesty, and your convenience.

Ethical considerations are at the heart of everything we do, and from our growers and producers right through to our valued customers, we ensure fairness and empathy as part of our on-going business practice.


We’re also delighted to add a number of fantastic new products to our range:

These additions mean that our products are even more family-friendly and versatile, enabling you to use safe, natural skincare products (for both women and men), as opposed to the added expense and unpredictability of many mainstream products that typically may contain harmful chemicals, artificial additives, and ingredients that increase the sensitivity and irritability of your skin.

Simply put: smart, simple skincare means that you buy less and get more, without having to resort to the guesswork of trying dozens of different brands and variants that are not always ideally suited to your needs.

The greatest benefit of using all-natural products like these is that they’re perfectly suited to a wide range of skin types and age groups – so whether you’re a fresh-faced teen or someone with a more mature skin type, our products are universally soothing and nourishing.


Striving for improvement isn’t just a business philosophy, either. We’ve found that as we grow in knowledge and influence, there’s also a constant, gentle prompting to be better – and to do better – to the best of our ability as individuals.

What does that mean?

First, it means that we’re always looking for improved ways in which we can honour and protect the environment. Even the creation of one small personal habit, here and there, that reduces our ecological footprint, is something that may have an enormously positive outcome, years or decades from now. Whether it’s reducing wastage, making more thoughtful use of water resources, or perhaps even just planting bee-friendly plants in a garden or window box, our actions add up – and we owe it to future generations to live with their wellbeing in mind.

In the here and now, it’s also the simple acts of kindness and consideration that make the world a better place, too. At Down To Earth, we’re passionate about engaging with local communities, uplifting individuals and small businesses, and contributing meaningfully to worthwhile causes, charities, and organizations that we’ve identified.

On a personal level, this can also be as simple as offering a word of encouragement, genuinely listening to each other, and being instruments of goodwill in the little things. At Down To Earth, we’re keenly conscious of the fact that it’s not what you say, but what you do, that inspires us all to be better versions of ourselves.

And, having said that, remember too that all of us – both in the corporate as well as in the individual sense – are works in progress. In a modern world where stress and pressure are simply facts of life, it’s important to be gentle with yourself and with others. There are some things you just can’t force, so be mindful to take time for yourself, be present, and be at peace.

There’s so much more to look forward to, and as we continue to grow, we’d love for you to be part of our journey.

Want a safe, organic solution to better skincare? Click here to view our all natural, eco-friendly product range.