Many customers who discover our products are not always familiar with the ethos behind Down to Earth products. We are often asked about what natural means to us and why we choose to include organic ingredients in our products. What are our values? How do we combine the natural world with science? After-all, science has made such vast and important inroads into advancing human health.

What does the phrase “natural products” mean?

Natural products are made up ingredients from a natural or nature derived source, where synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients are avoided.

At Down to Earth we really do have an unwavering trust in nature. The natural world has produced plants that deliver concentrated and potent healing abilities. With millennia of plant evolution and centuries of human usage, plants have supported the survival of ancient cultures and have allowed them to flourish. We have chosen to harness the healing goodness of plant extracts in our topical products.

This does not mean that we have left science out of the equation. In fact, we rely heavily on science to assist us in producing safe, effective and reliable products. From the formulation phase where our expert chemist calculates the best synergistic complex of herbal extracts for maximum effectiveness and safely preserves our products. To the production phase where advanced machinery and manufacturing processes are used to maintain ingredient purity.

Down to Earth really does take the “back to basics approach” in harnessing tried, trusted and safe plant extracts, but with the help of the latest knowledge in producing high-performing topical products.

How to I know which natural product is best?

The usage of the word “natural” is not regulated. Companies are able to use it when marketing their product, even if there is a miniscule quantity of natural ingredients present in the product. This makes it difficult to navigate and select products available in the market today.

We have chosen to be transparent and act with integrity in our declaration of ingredients. We will always tell you what percentage of natural ingredients is in each product. Just look underneath the ingredients list of the label. Other natural product companies with similar ethical values will do the same.

There are certifying bodies such as Ecocert-Cosmos and Natrue, which prescribe a minimum value of natural ingredient required in a product for it to be deemed “natural”. This value is set at around 95% of ingredients that should be natural or nature derived. We strictly adhere to these principles – in fact, our products are in excess of 99.5% natural.

This will help you steer clear of “green-washed” products. This where you are led to believe that the product is natural and that the company follows green practices, but in reality they do not. It is a hard pill to swallow when you know you money has gone to a company that is not honest and probably does not care  about you or the environment.

Are processed natural ingredients still natural?

It makes sense that pure ingredients harvested from nature can’t always be used in all products. That is why the industry has laid down the following classifications of natural ingredients:

  • Natural ingredients; obtained only by physical processes like cold pressing.
  • Derived natural ingredients; permitted chemical reaction processes on only natural ingredients to extract certain qualities of the ingredient.
  • Nature-identical ingredients; they are reproduced synthetically in a lab, but exist in nature. These ingredients are allowed when strictly necessary in order to ensure consumer safety (preservatives) or for purity (minerals/pigments) or for sustainability reasons.

Why should I use natural products?

As a natural product producer we hope that our customers buy into our ethos as much as they do into our practical and effective products. Here is a summary of what our values entail:

  •  We promote the use of natural ingredients and ingredients from organic farming.
  •  We maintain appropriate manufacturing processes to maintain ingredient purity.
  •  We avoid the use of GMO ingredients and potentially harmful synthetics such as parabens, petroleum compounds and synthetic fragrances.
  •  We use no animal testing in our product development and source ingredients that have not been tested on animals.
  •  We use biodegradable ingredients.
  •  We use environmentally sensitive packaging.
  •  We are transparent and fully disclose ingredients accurately and truthfully, leaving you with peace of mind.

You can rest assured that Down to Earth products are cruelty-free and are produced using sustainable and environmentally conscious practices.

Why choose organic products?

Organic ingredients in skincare products are plants grown from non-GMO seeds, grown with fertilisers and pesticides considered to be non-synthetic and safe, and are certified organic by an authority body. Organic farming eliminates the use of synthetic and potentially harmful chemicals. This is not only better for the environment, but it is of course also better for your health. Your skin absorbs much of what you put on it and by using organic products, you decrease the toxic load on your body.

Are Down to Earth’s products certified natural or organic?

Natural and organic product certifications can be costly and we have chosen not to go through the expense. In the end, these costs are always passed onto the customer. We have chosen to keep our products affordable.

We adhere as far as possible to the standards of natural and organic certification and we empower our customers to make informed decisions by making as much information as possible available about our processes and products. We encourage our customers to contact us with questions and to give us feedback.

Note: The individual organic ingredients we use in our products are certified.

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