The Easter holiday season is a popular one in South Africa with milder conditions following a very hot summer. Many of us will soon be off to venture different parts of the country and we wish you a safe trip.

A new environment or climate can lead to all kinds of conditions that we may not be subjected to at home. Sunburn, insect bites, rashes… the list of disorders we can experience is long. When packing your bags, don’t forget your holiday first aid kit! Here are our recommendations of Down to Earth products that are “must-haves” for any holiday bag.

Clear Skin Gel for all skin irritations

A hot or tropical climate brings with it skin irritations like heat rashes and insect bites or stings. Our kids also tend to come home with scrapes and grazes from playing outside more. Using public facilities could lead to bacterial or fungal infections, like athlete’s foot.

We have the perfect solution! Clear Skin Gel is a gentle yet potent antiseptic ointment for children and adults alike. It has a cooling effect through organic Aloe Vera gel which soothes delicate skin. Calendula calms sensitivity and itchiness while Echinacea aids skin recovery. The natural antiseptic ability is delivered through Tea Tree oil. The blend of these carefully chosen herbal extracts purifies and nurtures, ensuring you have a fun and irritation-free holiday!

African Potato Cream to heal sunburn and protect that golden tan

Do you always remember to pack your sunscreen, but tend to forget the after-sun lotion? The African Potato Cream is not only an excellent after-sun ointment that does wonders for a tan; it is also a superbly hydrating cream that feeds the skin with essential nutrients.

It penetrates deep to alleviate any pain or irritation caused by sunburn. The main active ingredient, African Potato extract, has a high concentration of plant sterols, known to ease inflammation, swelling and redness. Avocado oil nourishes and relieves itching. Aloe Vera adds additional anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and heal. We recommend you apply it to the whole body after enjoying a sun-filled day, to ensure your healthy golden tan does not peel away!

Revive Moisturiser for a flawless face

It may not pass as a first aid item, but ladies still want to look and feel good on holiday! Revive Moisturiser protects and restores the skin with powerful plant extracts that work harmoniously to eliminate redness and puffiness, and to clear blemishes like sunspots.

The combination of Shea, Avocado and Coconut oil nourishes and hydrates deeply. Aloe soothes while Vitamin E helps to combat the signs of ageing through potent antioxidants. Evening Primrose and Wheat Germ oil promote cell regeneration and revitalise tired skin. In combination with the star ingredient, African Potato extract, the synergy of the herbal complex balances the skin and strengthens elasticity, resulting in a smoother and healthier complexion so you look your best for those selfies!

Happy holidays to you. Enjoy the last stretch of warm weather.