We’ve heard you! Our customers asked for a more hygienic packaging solution for the Revive Moisturiser, which is light and easy to travel with. And we delivered.

Your favourite moisturiser has been enhanced. In more than one way!

Revive Moisturiser changes

New tube packaging

Why did we change to tube packaging? Well…

Every time you dip your fingers into a jar of moisturiser, you could be introducing bacteria. Tubes prevent possible contamination.

Every time you open your jar of moisturiser, it is exposed to air and light. Antioxidants and other natural ingredients may break-down faster with repeated exposure, which possibly reduces the efficacy of your cream. Tubes minimise exposure.

When you travel with your jar of moisturiser, the cream could settle into the lid and cause a mess. Jars are also bulky and could take up too much space in your toiletry bag. In comparison, tubes tend to be leak-proof, light and easy to travel with.

Tube packaging offers a cleaner and safer solution. Much more hygienic and user-friendly!

New 60ml size

Since tube packaging is more hygienic, we can now include more of the goodness of the Revive Moisturiser for you. It will stay perfectly intact. More product to last you longer!

Note that the Revive Moisturiser 50ml jar will be phased out.

More actives

Kigelia and inulin are now included in our loved formulation, to enhance the benefits of using Revive Moisturiser.

Kigelia is a African indigenous plant, of which we use the fruit extract. It helps to promote skin elasticity, naturally lightens pigmentation, reduces blemishes and increases circulation to the skin. Packed with antioxidants, it contains antimicrobial properties as well. Traditionally, kigelia fruit has been used as a treatment for skin conditions, from eczema to skin cancer.

Inulin acts as a prebiotic – food for desirable bacteria on the skin. You may have heard how important a beneficial bacterial balance is for a healthy gut. Well, that counts for your skin too. Inulin helps to restore the natural bacterial balance to the skin by promoting the growth of friendly bacteria while reducing harmful bacteria. Undesirable bacteria are unable to process inulin.

What does Revive Moisturiser do for you?

It is a facial moisturiser formulated for tired or mature skin. If you haven’t already, give Revive Moisturiser a try!

Rejuvenate your skin day and night. This light yet nourishing facial moisturiser is packed with powerful botanical extracts to restore tired skin and combat the signs of ageing. Aloe vera refreshes, while the combination of shea, avocado, coconut and evening primrose oils boost hydration. Kigelia improves blemish-prone skin and promotes firmness. And enriching African potato delivers potent regenerative and soothing properties.

Enjoy soft, supple and radiant skin by including Revive Moisturiser in your daily routine.