The festive season is upon us – and that often means visitors, feasts, laughter… and for some, physical discomfort.

If you typically find yourself suffering from the effects of eating a ton of rich food and indulging a little, you may want to read this. Whether it’s gout, or skin reactions to foods, Down to Earth has a range of natural products that can make a world of difference when you need it most.


“Restraint” is not exactly the first word that comes to mind when we typically think about the festive season.

It’s been a long year, after all. We deserve a little liberty, a little less rigid self-discipline. Besides, it’s not every day you get to enjoy the array of food and drink you’ll find on most festive tables during the holidays. But for some of us, that heady combination of food sensitivity and a lack of self-restraint can have consequences that aren’t so festive.

Indigestion, upset stomachs, gout, and allergic reactions are just some of the bonus features on offer during the season of giving. And it’s understandable. That exercise routine gets put on hold, we’re more inclined to eat indiscriminately, and as for that extra drink or two? Well, it’s easy to tell ourselves we’ve earned it.

We’re only human – and that means we’re often prone to overdoing things, or telling ourselves we’ll get back on the wagon (and into the gym) come January. But right now? It’s party time!

There’s good news, though. Even though you might suffer from some of the unwanted consequences of a little festive excess, there are several excellent ways to treat the discomfort – naturally.


What do Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander the Great, and Charles Darwin have in common?
The answer: they all suffered from gout.

Gout is sometimes derisively called the “rich man’s ailment” or the “king’s disease” because it’s quite literally triggered by overconsumption of protein-rich foods. There’s a common belief that alcohol also plays a role here, but the jury’s still out on that one.

So what is it, exactly?

Gout is really nothing more than a form of arthritis which causes pain, swelling, and immobility in joints. Normally, your body metabolises protein, which is used for tissue repair and organ maintenance. But if you take in excessive quantities of protein, then uric acid (a byproduct of protein in the body) builds up faster than your kidneys can flush it out.

The result? Uric acid crystallisation, notably in the joints, leading to inflammation, hotness, debilitating pain, and even temporary immobility. In extreme cases, swelling and tissue inflammation can become so severe that the skin surrounding the affected area can begin to peel.

Now, that doesn’t sound like fun. And it isn’t. But aside from self-regulating your protein intake, how can you treat gout? One really effective method is to apply Down to Earth African Potato Cream to the affected area.


African Potato extract is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that delivers some truly amazing benefits. And Down to Earth African Potato Cream also contains a number of other all-natural ingredients. There’s camphor oil, to provide a cooling sensation and pain relief. Other natural ingredients, like avocado oil and Evening Primrose oil, effectively hydrate and moisturise your skin to help prevent dryness and peeling.

Best of all, African Potato Cream contains no parabens or other artificial chemicals that could cause allergic reactions or contribute negatively to longer term skin health.


Consuming excessively rich foods – often typically high in protein, too – can lead to the development of reactions like hives, eczema, and dermatitis. In fact, skin reactions are usually the most common symptom of food allergies.

Food allergies can strike at any stage of life – even if you’ve been eating a particular food for years with no issues! The trigger for these allergies is your immune system. If you’re taking in an excess of any particular nutrient, there’s a chance your immune system could interpret the abundance as a threat – and begin to fight it.


Let’s take a moment to distinguish between skin or joint discomfort caused by an allergic reaction, versus discomfort caused by sensitive or irritated skin.

An allergy is primarily caused by the reaction of your own immune system to certain foods, chemicals, or other substances. And really, the only way to stop that from reoccurring is to stop consuming those foods. (There are medications which can suppress the immune system reaction, but for a number of reasons, we don’t recommend them as a sustainable solution.)

Skin sensitivity or irritation, on the other hand, is simply the reaction of your skin itself to irritants, and isn’t triggered by your immune system. Naturally, when it comes to festive foods, these are linked in a way – because an allergic reaction can cause inflammation, swelling, and skin distress which is amplified if you have sensitive skin. The key to treating sensitized or irritated skin is to apply remedies that safely and naturally soothe the discomfort while strengthening the skin barrier. By keeping your skin healthy, moisturised, and supple, you’re helping treat or prevent the secondary symptoms of festive over-indulgence.


For redness, swelling, or visible bumps and scales on your skin, we recommend Down to Earth African Potato Cream. It’s been specifically formulated to not only treat the external symptoms, but also to penetrate the skin and stimulate skin cell renewal – gently and naturally.

If you find yourself suffering from excessive itchiness, then you should consider using Down to Earth Clear Skin Gel. With Aloe Vera as a primary ingredient, Clear Skin Gel helps cool the skin and prevent itchiness. It also contains Calendula oil – renowned for its ability to calm skin irritations – and Echinacea, which helps speed up skin healing.


The festive season should be a time of rejoicing and relaxation.

Unfortunately, those rich foods and extra helpings can sometimes come with their own challenges – stomach distress, indigestion, fatigue, and brain fog, to name just a few. Our immediate human reaction is usually to find a quick over-the-counter remedy that helps us feel better, but isn’t always the wisest long-term choice.

Remember that many pharmaceutical remedies are really designed to mask symptoms or provide temporary relief. In itself, that isn’t always a bad thing – by all means take appropriate medication for a severe headache, for example – but it makes sense to check the underlying cause of your discomfort, and eliminate or minimise that if you can.

Now, we’re not saying you shouldn’t have fun! But if you have a choice between a pharmaceutical remedy for indigestion and a natural remedy, rather go the natural route whenever it’s appropriate to do so. It’s healthier, kinder to your body, and you have the reassurance of knowing that you aren’t adding to the list of synthetic substances we’re already exposed to on a daily basis.


At Down to Earth, we’re committed to living harmoniously.

That means we live close to Nature, with consideration and respect for the environment and those around us. We value peace and mutual happiness, and we’d just like to wish you – our deeply valued customers, partners, and suppliers – a wonderful and joyous holiday season.

To find out more about the all-natural Down to Earth skincare range, simply contact us for more information.

Happy holidays, everyone!