The festive season is here. Whether you are planning to go on holiday or choose to stay home, either way we’re all likely to get taken by the holiday mood in some way.

Did you know that accidents and emergencies are more common over the holiday seasons? We’re all more relaxed and out of routine, and with that relaxed attitude we take a little less care in what we do. It’s human nature.

Down to Earth can help you be prepared for minor skin emergencies this holiday. Our products are the perfect addition to your medicine cupboard and first aid kit, and to pack in your toiletry bag to take on holiday.

Here’s how Down to Earth’s natural products can lend a helping hand.

The South African braai

Minor burns on the hands can be a real source of irritation for the person in charge of braaing.

Clear Skin Gel will provide immediate relief, reducing the burning sensation, disinfecting open wounds and promoting the healing of the skin. Apply as often as needed.

Sun tanning

The South African summer sun is enjoyed by local and international holidaymakers alike. Our summers are hot, but when there is a cooling breeze, we may not realise how potent the sun can be.

If you have been sun-burnt, use our African Potato Cream. It will provide relief, moisturise thirsty skin and prolong your tan. Apply as often as needed, but especially after spending time in water.

Revive Moisturiser is the perfect hydrating moisturiser to help keep facial skin that has seen too much sun, nourished, supple and radiant.

Clogged skin from sunblock

The amount of sunblock we use during holiday season can lead to pimples. Just when you want to look your best!

Clear Skin Gel will reduce and soothe inflammation and redness, and deliver potent natural antimicrobial properties to stop those pimples in their tracks. Apply to the affected area morning and night.

Hiking, gardening and other outdoor sport

During summer we spend a lot more time outdoors. Outdoor activities such as gardening, hiking, running and rock climbing can lead to scrapes, chafing, blisters and rashes.

Clear Skin Gel soothes and purifies minor wounds. It also calms skin irritations, sensitivities and itchiness, through a powerful blend of herbal ingredients. Apply as often as necessary.

Exotic destinations and spending time outdoors at night

Mosquitoes are common in sub-tropical holiday destinations. If you will be spending your holiday in a hot and humid climate, be prepared.

Clear Skin Gel stops the itchiness associated with insect bites, disinfects the skin and helps accelerate the healing process. Apply as needed.