The internationally known Comrades marathon is taking place at the end of May and we’ll again watch in wonder how the participants push themselves to complete such an amazing feat. I always think of how sore these people must feel afterwards.

We have all experienced it – a day or two after doing something strenuous, be it an intense work-out or an activity we do not ordinarily do, muscle pain sets in.

This delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) is caused by the microscopic tearing of the muscle fibres during exercise and the resultant inflammation and swelling that builds up for days afterwards. The longer and harder you work your muscles, the more damage and soreness you will experience (poor Comrades competitors!).

This pain is however known as a “good” pain, because it is associated with improved fitness, strength and muscle tone. It is still uncomfortable and can be very sore, so easing the pain becomes necessary.

Suggestions on how to ease muscle pain and stiffness

Here are some tried and tested natural methods to help you deal with the discomfort from DOMS.

Apply a topical anti-inflammatory ointment, like the African Potato Cream which contains potent natural ingredients and penetrates deep to help reduce muscle pain, swelling and stiffness.

Simply take it easy and wait for your muscles to recover, after all, using your sore muscles causes more pain.

Place ice packs against your sore muscles to soothe your aches – the coldness has a numbing effect.

Massaging the muscle reduces swelling and provides relief.

Gentle stretching relieves stiffness and simply feels good.

Don’t overdo it!

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