We are proud to report that the African Potato Cream was chosen as one of the top 5 products that stood out to ShopOrganic.co.za over the last 5 years, their list suitably named “The Top 5 of the last 5“. Each year ShopOrganic.co.za chooses 5 organic/natural products that catches their attention during that year for their Top 5 awards. In celebration of the ShopOrganic.co.za online directory tuning 5 at the end of last year, they decided to choose products for their annual Top 5 awards from products they have tested and reviewed over the last 5 years.

We are thrilled we made the list again! In 2015 the African Potato Cream made the list and in 2014 it was the Revive Moisturiser. This is the third year running that Down to Earth is awarded a place on their Top 5 list.

ShopOrganic.co.za says:

“It has been 5 amazing years, we have witnessed so much growth in the organic and natural industry in South Africa and so many wonderful and innovative products have become available locally.”

This is what ShopOrganic.co.za had to say about the African Potato Cream:

“I thank my lucky star for the day I was asked to review the Down to Earth African Potato Cream! I really fell in love with this cream when I developed a frozen shoulder one weekend, after one overnight application of this cream, I awoke feeling supple, rested and pain-free! I was convinced! I have since used the cream for tight hamstrings, stiff neck, sports sprains and more and I have never been disappointed.”

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Thanks so much ShopOrganic.co.za!