Being deeply moved by the plight of young burn victims after reading an article dated 13 July 2014 in the Sunday Tribune by Amanda Khoza, Down to Earth donated African Potato Cream to Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital at Umlazi, KwaZulu Natal, to help heal burns and scars on the children.

Dr. Goodwill Dube, the Medical Officer at Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital in Umlazi recently wrote to us and said:

“How amazing the results were, the recovery was quick, scars less perceptible, patients were very satisfied and grateful indeed about African Potato Cream per se, we do not know how to thank you, may God keep you going”

African Potato Cream is a natural anti-inflammatory ointment and immune strengthener. It helps alleviate pain, combats inflammation, hydrates and nourishes the skin and aids skin recovery. The main active ingredient, African Potato extract, has very high plant sterol content which is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. The natural plant and herbal based ointment can be used without any side-effects, only providing the healing and soothing benefits of the plant kingdom.

Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital is understaffed and has seen an increase in child burn victims from accidents during the winter. When the Sunday Tribune visited the hospital there were 35 children, the youngest being nine-month old Lebo Nabhu, who was burnt when a tub of hot water tipped over while her mother was not looking.

Sister Thandazile Radebe, who was on duty when the Sunday Tribune visited, said most of the cases the nurses attended to were as a result of negligence and that communities needed to work together in educating one another about accidents that happen at home.