For most of us the festive season brings with it family, fun, laughter and a tendency to overindulge. It’s the time of year when healthy eating, exercise plans and other health commitments take a back-seat for a more relaxed approach. We feel that we’ve worked hard during the year to earn the “time off”, discipline goes out the door and the term “no thanks” no longer features in our day-to-day language. So we spoil ourselves with rich foods and excessive alcohol. Unfortunately, this combination can lead to some uncomfortable festive-ailments such as indigestion, an upset stomach, gout and allergic reactions.

You may be thinking that January is just around the corner, and that you’ll get things back to normal after the holidays. So for now you’re just going to live with the consequences that come with having a “good time”. Fortunately there are natural ways to deal with the symptoms associated with these problems.


Gout is known as the rich man’s syndrome and affects mostly men. Many well-known historic men are said to have suffered from this painful disorder – Alexander the Great, Michelangelo and Isaac Newton, to name a few. It is a form of arthritis that flares up when uric acid (a by-product of protein rich foods) increases in the body faster than the kidneys can get rid of it, and builds up to form crystals in cold joints, like toes, ankles, knees, fingers, elbows and wrists. These crystals cause inflammation and excruciating pain, leaving many unable to walk as a result. Joints become very hot, the skin becomes red and in some cases so swollen that the skin begins to peel.

African Potato Cream can be used to alleviate the pain by applying it to the affected area. African Potato extract is a potent, natural anti-inflammatory that reduces aching and swelling. The cream contains Camphor oil, which has a cooling effect on skin to reduce the hot, throbbing sensation and help relieve pain even further. The natural oils in the cream, like Avocado oil and Evening Primrose oil, hydrate and moisturise to prevent the skin from peeling.

Remember that alcohol increases the uric acid level in your body, so if you are going to indulge, drink plenty of water to help your kidneys clear the uric acid from your system.

Allergic skin reactions

The consumption of rich foods (usually protein rich foods) can lead to allergic skin reactions like hives, dermatitis and eczema. Skin reactions are the most common type of food allergy reactions. Food allergies can present itself at any stage of life, even if you have been eating a specific type of food all your life without any problems. These allergies occur when your immune system overreacts to food that it thinks could be a danger to the body and causes an irritation.

If your skin flares up with red, swollen, itchy, bumpy or scaly rashes, use African Potato Cream to reduce redness and puffiness. African Potato extract is a potent, natural anti-inflammatory that relieves discomfort. Avocado oil and Coconut oil absorbs easily to reduce itchiness and scarring. Tea Tree oil and Lavender oil purify and protect the skin while stimulating skin cell renewal.

If you find that your reactions are extremely itchy, use Clear Skin Gel. The high content Aloe Vera soothes the skin and stops itchiness. It also contains Calendula oil which calms skin irritations and Echinacea that helps speed up skin healing.

Other festive-ailments

Whether you suffer with a hangover, indigestion, upset stomach or anything else this festive season, pay your nearest health shop a visit to find a natural remedy. Natural products and complementary medicines work with your body’s healing capacity and don’t have the side-effects of conventional medicines.

We hope you enjoy the coming festivities and that you are not troubled with pesky disorders. Best wishes for a good one from Down to Earth!