When our customer, Celia Evans (right), wrote to us about how she suffers with eczema and dry skin due to her daily training routine, we were thrilled to hear that she was using our products and was pleased with the results.

Celia is a professional hockey player who plays for the South African team and explained that due to the high physical stress load on her body and the many hours she spends in the sun, her skin has become so sensitive that certain sunblocks and creams burn her skin. As a result, she has gone the natural route and started using Down to Earth products to help relieve her skin problems.

Celia’s love for the sport is taking her overseas – soon she’ll be on her way to Belgium to play club hockey full-time for a season, to build her experience while earning a salary. Celia believes that finding the upper hand in competition is supported by good nutrition, vitamins, recovery and natural health. She further says:

“I believe in the 1% difference – if you can change many small areas of your life by just 1% imagine the huge impact it can play in your life. 1% isn’t tough, but add all the small 1% differences together and it makes an enormous difference. “

Since having a healthy lifestyle and confidence in appearance is vital but also expensive, Down to Earth has sponsored Celia with African Potato Cream and Clear Skin Gel to help her skin endure the rigorous training and matches that lie ahead.

She will use the African Potato Cream as a natural anti-inflammatory ointment for sore muscles, stiff joints and skin conditions like eczema. The Clear Skin Gel will be used to further soothe her eczema and as a natural antiseptic for grazes, blisters and any other abrasions she might incur while playing the sport. Read Celia’s testimonial about the Clear Skin Gel.

We wish Celia health and success in the coming year while playing abroad and locally again thereafter. Follow her on Facebook (www.facebook.com/3ceal) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/3ceal).