Like a miracle, quietly, softly, it happens. Tiny leaves begin to appear on trees that have lain dormant for so long. The winds of change bring a fleeting promise of rain, a subtle shift in the seasons, blossoms burst into life, and the world inhales the freshness of nature’s rebirth.

And, with the profusion of new beauty that appears every Spring, we’re reminded of the astonishing and boundless abundance of nature – an exuberant display of beauty that somehow outshines all of humankind’s attempts at grandeur.

Spring invites us, in a very tangible way, to pause, to enjoy, to be present. When last did you just stand or sit under the soothing shade of a tree, breathing in the fragrance of the greenery?

Increasingly, researchers are validating the benefits of reconnecting with the earth – from customs like the Japanese love of shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing”, to the practice of Grounding, where you simply allow your bare feet to commune with grass and soil to reduce stress and inflammation – and it’s no surprise that science is aligning with what we’ve known intuitively all along.

Nature reminds us to pause the “doing” a little, and instead to celebrate “being”.


Our skincare range is produced from natural ingredients that are organically grown and carefully harvested. We don’t add any harmful chemicals, and we stay as true to nature as possible. Our commitment to you is that when you purchase a Down To Earth product, you’re sharing in an ethos that reflects love, care, and respect for the environment and everything that it sustains.

And, just as nature brings renewal, healing, and harmony, we’ve designed our products to do the same for your skin. Regardless of your season of life, there’s a product suited to you – and we all know that soft, supple, healthy skin is a hallmark of health and longevity.

Of course, Spring also brings with it some other signs of life, too – like mosquitoes!

So, if you’re one of those people who mosquitoes love to feast on (because you’re sweeter, right?), then our Clear Skin Gel is a fantastic way to deal with itch and irritation. Made with a powerful blend of Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Calendula, and Echinacea, it’s a superb antimicrobial agent that helps heal rashes, bacterial and fungal infections, and even minor wounds – and it’s perfectly suited to everyone, even if you have a sensitive skin.


Spring inspires us to do away with the old and to usher in the new. It’s no coincidence that we regain a sense of optimism and purpose. It’s a season where, literally, things are given a new lease of life, and for all of us, it’s a wonderful reminder that we can wake up every morning with the option of changing the things in our lives that no longer serve us, and creating new opportunities.

So, as the days grow brighter and longer, we’d like to remind you to be kinder to yourself. Take time out when you can, simply breathe and decompress, and practice self-care. Connect – with your environment and with those you love.

Here’s wishing you abundance this season, as effortless and plentiful as nature itself. And with that, the peace, clarity and contentment that comes with new beginnings, the seed of new ideas, the fruition of your dreams.

Oh, and be comfortable in your own skin. Look after it well.

After all, it’s the only one you have.