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Lucky You!

This month, a fascinating and entertaining celebration takes place across much of the Western world – the rollicking, eccentric festivities and oddball traditions of St. Patrick’s Day. Now, we’ve all heard about the ‘luck of the Irish’, and although it’s generally used as a good-humoured cliché, perhaps there’s something to it after all. Whether you’re […]

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A Simple Ritual for Inner and Outer Beauty

Skincare is about more than just the practicality of health and good physical habits. Let’s be honest: it’s also about how we feel. The sensation of freshness, of rejuvenation, and the knowledge that you look as good as you feel, are major motivators for creating and sustaining a good daily skincare routine. Habits, of course, […]

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Our shared heritage; indigenous medicinal plants

It’s finally Spring in the southern hemisphere! And in South Africa we’re also celebrating Heritage Month in September. While we celebrate our rich and varied cultural heritage, we also have the opportunity to appreciate the unique indigenous plant life that we share in our country. What better way to start the new season? South Africa […]